Saints whoop Panthers: Postgame Show

September 24, 2017

Brian goes over the Saints victory over the Carolina Panthers and takes YOUR twitter questions and comments. 


**There is a statement at the end regarding the players choice to protest and SaintsNation's stance on this. You can choose not to listen (this is why its seperated), it comes after the outro and starts at 42:18


Join Gene and Brian to discuss the Saints being a pile of burning corpses

September 20, 2017

The Saints as we once knew them are gone. What is left is a burning pile of shattered dreams, injury reports, and fond memories long past their experiation date. 


Gene Higginbotham joins the Show to talk about the team, the embarassment of the first two weeks, and to incite a non-stop rant about the embarassing situation the Saints find themselves in where Brian explains why the Saints DO have talent and why that makes this WORSE. 


Saints loss to the Patriots post game reaction and twitter questions

September 17, 2017

The Saints suck right now, Brian goes over how/why and answers your twitter questions. 


Saints matchups vs the Patriots post-injury report

September 16, 2017

Brian goes over the matchups to watch vs the Patriots and the Saints keys to win in regards to the Patriots injury report which has both Danny Amendola and Dont'a Hightower being out for the game.


Vikings lost post game reaction and twitter questions

September 12, 2017

Brian bites the bullet and answers YOUR twitter questions about how/why the Saints made the Vikings look like world beaters, and tries to figure out why the f*&^ Devante Harris saw the field


Podcast short: key matchups against the Vikings and why the Saints will win

September 11, 2017

Brian takes a look at which matchups will be key for the Saints Monday Night battle with the Minnesota Vikings, and what the Saints should focus on to put the years of 0-4 starts to rest. 


Strange feelings of optimism with Ralph Malbrough…and crazy twitter bets galore!

September 4, 2017

Ralph joins the guys to discuss the outlook for the Saints 2017 season, best and worse case scenario, and him and Brian rework their twitter bets. 


Willie Snead is a loss…but how big…and why?

September 2, 2017

Brian goes over the news of Willie Snead's 3 game suspension for a DUI he comitted earlier this summer. He discusses what the potential impact of Snead being out could be, why its bad, and how the Saints might compensate for his absence. 


SaintsNation Podcast: The Saints prove its finally ok to have hope

August 28, 2017

Brian and Chris discuss the Saints preseason defensive domination against the Texans (yes you read that correctly), what they liked (or didn't) from the position groups, their fears/concerns for the offense, and as always your twitter questions. 


John Hendrix joins to talk Doctors, Training camp, Keenan Allen killer of dreams, and preseason game 2

August 18, 2017

John Hendrix the editor in chief of Canal Street Chronicles joins the show to talk about the Saints doctors fiasco, Keenan Allen torching Saints corners in joint practices, and expectations for the Saints second preseason game against the Chargers.