late postgame show for Saints lost to the Zebras

December 9, 2017

Its a day late, but here are my thoughts on the Saints loss to the Atlanta Zebras. One of the most biased and embarrassingly officiated games I can remember in recent professional sports, the Saints were hosed from the coin flip in Atlanta, but revenge is best served cold in 2 weeks. 


Postgame recap: The Saints broke Newton’s sauce and we’re on to Falcons hate week

December 4, 2017

Brian goes over the Saints convincing victory over the Panthers and we begin ramping up for Falcons hate week.


Harris release, Fleener to IR, and why the Panthers game is most important since 2011

December 3, 2017

Brian goes over the surprise release of Devante Harris, Coby Fleener's move to IR, and why tomorrow's game against the Panthers is the most important Saints game since 2011


Brees has worst game of the year, Saints drop to 8-3

November 27, 2017

Brian recaps the Saints disappointing loss to the Rams, discusses the narrative of Drew's decline, and talks about the negatives (and positives) to take away from this game. 


Saints are stealing wins, we have a new writer (meet Chris), and a new name for our backfield

November 22, 2017

The guys are joined by special guest Chris Conner who is the newest writer for the SaintsNation. Chris joins Patrick and Brian to discuss the Saints crazy win against the Redskins, their upcoming game against the Rams, and plenty of the usual completely off-topic banter your used to (and some you were probably not expecting)


Saints vs Redskins postgame with Ralph Malbrough guest appearance

November 19, 2017

The Saints managed to pull off a victory in a game they had NO business winning, and in the process moved themselves from the conversation of possible contenders, to legitmate threat. 


Saints dominate the Bills on the ground and look like best team in the NFL

November 12, 2017

The Saints dominated the Bills from start to finish. Brian gives you the game recap and answers your postgame questions. 7-2 Baby!!!


The Saints are 6-2 and should throw the bills into a pool of Mayo

November 10, 2017

Brian and Chris discuss the Saints sixth consecutive victory, the matchup vs the Bills, and Nick Underhill stirs the pot. 


Postgame recap: Saints are 6-2, Lattimore is a god, and the Bucs got stomped

November 5, 2017

Brian goes over the Saints 6 consecutive victory, another dominating performance over the hapless Tampa Bay Buccaneers, discusses the pathetic cheapshot by Bucs wideout Mike Evans, and answers your postgame questions.


Saints talks, crab walks, the Saints are going 6-2

November 3, 2017

Brian and Chris discuss the upcoming matchup with the Bucs, Lattimore, the Saints young defense, and don't forget to mock the Falcons and their leaky stadium.