Super Bowl reactions, Goat conversations, Why Drew’s in it, and more

February 7, 2018

New site, New league year (sorta), same old us. Brian, Chris, and Patrick go over a myriad of topics many of which will be gotten into in greater depth as we get into the offseason, but the focus is put on the SuperBowl, how it impacts the GOAT conversation, and why (according to Brian) it helps set the stage for the argument on why Drew Brees belongs in it. 


Best moments and memories from the Saints 2017 season

January 26, 2018

The guys discuss their favorite moments, games, and plays from the Saints 2017 season and how great it was for football to be FUN again.


2017 is over, how we feel about the year and what’s coming nex

January 19, 2018

the guys discuss the 2017 season, the Saints playoff run, and why getting here was so much more fun THIS year than in year's past.


The ending sucked, the sequal wont, remembering the 2017 Saints

January 16, 2018

Instead of just recapping a magical (and brutal) playoff loss against the Vikings, Brian called an audible and decided to recap all the things he will remember from the 2017 Saints, and also talks bout the game that shall not be named of course.


Panthers tears are the best tears, and the Vikings are up next

January 12, 2018

The guys discuss the Saints wild card round victory over the Carolina kittens, the upcoming matchup with the Vikings, and explore just how salty Vikings fans still are about 2009


Postgame show:Saints tame Kittens on last second stop and its on to the Vikings

January 8, 2018

Brian recaps the Saints tumultous win over the Carolina Panthers, answers your twitter questions, and celebrates a season that just became a success no matter how it ends. 


Its time for the playoffs! Towel forts, crybaby Cam, and sweeping the Panthers

January 5, 2018

The guys discuss the Saints sorry end to the 2017 regular season, their prospects facing the Panthers for the 3rd time this year, fight over whether Cam EVER deserved to be an MVP, and answer your twitter questions all while we prepare for the Saints first playoff game since 2013


Postgame show: Saints drop season finale to Tampa, but the division is ours…lets go get that trophy

January 1, 2018

Brian recaps the Saints loss against the Bucs, what we learned from the game, what we should take into the postseason, and how he feels the teams prospects are heading into a HOME playoff game against the Panthers


Looking past the Bucs, towards the playoffs, and who we want to face most

December 29, 2017

The guys discuss the upcoming game agaisnt the Bucs, the matchups they'd like to face most (and least), answer your twitter questions, and navigate the complications of Skype being a POS


Postgame show: Saints put the L in ATL and gave us a playoff run for Christmas

December 26, 2017

We go over your twitter questions, celebrate the Saints first playoff trip since 2013, and mock the Falcons as much as possible.