SaintsNation postgame show: Saints escape the Bear trap, now 5-2

October 29, 2017

The Saints managed to squeeze out a victory with another excellent defensive performance against a Bears defense that has been playing lights out football. It wasn't always pretty, but the Saints got the W. 

As always we appreciate your postgame questions. 


The Saints are 4-2, the Bears are up next, and Maximum pain for Atlanta

October 27, 2017

The guys discuss the upcoming matchup with the Bears, how they feel about the Saints odds of winning, and Brian proposes another one of his insane scenarios...except this time its maximum pain for Atlanta


Postgame Show: Saints are 4-2, leading the division, and its time to enjoy this season

October 22, 2017

Brian and Chris discuss the Saints 4th consecutive victory, another solid performance from the defense, and as always your postgame questions. 


After beatdown of Lions Greenbay is more important than ever

October 18, 2017

Brian and Chris discuss the Saints up and down performance against the Lions, how the defense seems to be trending up, what is 'missing' in the Saints offense and the importance of the upcoming game against the Packers.


Lion’s postgame

October 15, 2017

The Saints won 52-38 but the score doesn't tell the whole story. Brian takes a look at how the Saints managed to score 52 points without playing very well on offense...and the for REAL!


SaintsNation podcast short: Previewing the Lions

October 14, 2017

Brian goes over the Saints matchups vs the Lions, how he thinks the Saints will address the Lions playmakers, and answers your twitter questions. 


Andrew Juge returns to talk Saints football, rookies, hopes for the playoffs and Cam Newton…man child

October 6, 2017

The guys are joined by the daddy of SaintsNation himself Andrew Juge. They talk the first quarter of football, things they've liked, things they haven't, hope for the future, Roddy and Cam being idiots, and the importance of our next few games to make the playoffs. 


SaintsNation postgame shwo: Saints blank the Dolphins, move to 2-2

October 1, 2017

The Saints dominated the Dolphins defensively. Brian is joined by Chris to discuss the Saints outlook coming out of the bye week, and the guys give their immediate reactions to today's game, including your twitter questions. 


Chris is Back, The Saints won, and we have a shot at 2-2

September 29, 2017

Chris makes his triumphant return with an intro that is true to form. The guys discuss the Panthers game, the matchups against the Dolphins, hope for the future, and your twitter questions. 


Saints whoop Panthers: Postgame Show

September 24, 2017

Brian goes over the Saints victory over the Carolina Panthers and takes YOUR twitter questions and comments. 


**There is a statement at the end regarding the players choice to protest and SaintsNation's stance on this. You can choose not to listen (this is why its seperated), it comes after the outro and starts at 42:18