Reviewing the Browns game and previewing the Saints week against the Chargers

August 15, 2017

Brian and Chris go over the highs and lows of the game against the Browns, and then take a look at the next week as the Saints hold joint practices with the Chargers before their game on Sunday.


The Deuce is loose!! Duece Windham joins us to talk the Saints first preseason game.

August 14, 2017

Deuce 'Rev' Windham of Canal Street Chronicles joins the podcast to help breakdown the Saints first preseason game against the Browns. 


Saints Nation podcast short: training camp takeaways, favorite moment so far, and expectations for Thursday’s game

August 6, 2017

Brian recaps the first week and a half of training camp, goes over his favorite moments and trends, and talks about what he wants to see most (and least) in the Saints first preseason game against the Browns on Thursday. 


Saints Nation Podcast: looking at Saints training camp 4 days in

July 31, 2017

The guys discuss the linebacker rotation, Brandon Coleman's emergence, Corey Fuller, and the rest of the Saints storylines through these first 4 days of preseason.


Saints Nation podcast short: Cam Newton is a kitten, and molten hot camp takes

July 28, 2017

Brian does a podcast short talking about Cam Newton's terrible fashion choices, penchant for saying dumb things, and has a series of Molten Hot Camp Takes for your viewing pleasure after the first day of training camp.


Patrick returns to talk Preparing for training camp and please god no more injuries

July 22, 2017

the guys discuss training camp, what they want to see, Andrew's departure (we need writers btw), and please GOD no more least not players we care about anyway.


SaintsNation Juge cast: the boss returns to talk 2017 Saints

July 14, 2017

It's Patrick's birthday so Andrew is batting cleanup. Andrew and Brian go over the Saints last 3 drafts and discuss which players need to step up, and how plausible that really is. 


SaintsNation Podcast Short: Can the Saints D-line survive Fairley’s loss?

July 2, 2017

Brian takes a look at the unfortunate loss of Nick Fairley, and what would have to happen for the Saints defensive line to survive and still somehow be a strength of the team. 


Armstead is out, so now what? twitter questions, best action, and 3 players they can’t lose next

June 23, 2017

The guys discuss the fallout of the Armstead injury, what the best option is to start at left tackle, and as always answer your twitter questions. 


Minicamp reports, Stephone Anthony improving and Terron Armstead hurt?

June 16, 2017

The guys discuss the latest reports about the Saints players going through minicamp especially about those referring to Stephone Anthony's improvement, Mike Nolan's coaching, and a possible injury to Terron Armstead.